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  1. Microphone not working.

    The microphone is not working on my hackintosh, in Mavericks it worked but in Yosemite it doesn't work. The Audio it's working at all. Also I have a Boot:0 error and I can only boot into windows or mac with the USB installation key. My system specs: -AMD Fx 6300 -Nvidia GTX 660 -8GB RAM -1TB HDD
  2. First, my pc specs: -AMD Fx 6300 -Nvidia GTX 660 -8GB ram 1-TB hdd (3 partitions, 2 windows, 1 mac). Error 1: The microphone seems to not be working, well, if I set gain in VoodooHDA I can hear me, but I can't use the microphone in programs, nothing is transmitted, if I go to sound settings and I talk, it doesn't seem to be any sound. But Sound is working 100%. Error 2: After installing I was having a Boot0:error (like when I installed Mavericks), to solve that I reset Windows 8.1 boot and I entered to Easy BCD, I make a new entry for mac and set it for MBR. When selecting mac partition it says: Chain booting error. I just entered to EasyBCD, deleted that entry and added a new one, now with EFI mode. When selecting mac partition Chameleon seem to be working, but can't boot into mac, as I think it says something about a missing kernel. Well, that are my 2 errors, if u can solve it I'll be grateful.
  3. [HOW] Install Yosemite 10.1.3 on AMD

    So I'm having trouble with Dual Boot with windows, well when I was having mavericks I just enter into EasyBCD and add an Entry for MAC OS X with MBR. Well, if I do it with Yosemite, it says boot chain loading error. If I choose EFI entry, chameleon boots but I can't boot into my mac, I think because it don't find a kernel.
  4. Glitchy graphics

    Also solved by only booting up with: GraphicsEnabler=No. The problem was that I was bootinh up with: -x GraphicsEnabler=NO
  5. Glitchy graphics

    Same problem in Fx 6300. I have tried with an ATI Radeon HD 7770 and with an Nvidia Gtx 660 so I assume the problem is on the FX processors?
  6. So, like another user I have an AMD Fx processor (6300), but the kernel /amdfx doesn't exist so I can't install, I tryed /amd and /amd1 but they don't work. Someone know what bootflags I need to install and what bootflags I need to run? PC specs: Amd Fx 6300 Ati Radeon HD 7770 4GB ram 1TB HDD (partitioned) Thanks ^^
  7. 10.10.1 no amd fx kernal

    With an FX? If yes what fx?
  8. First things first: I'm spanish so if I make some mistakes just ignore them. Well, I was installing the Mavericks in my pc with the flag -amdfx and it works, with the disk utility of the installer I formated a partition with Mac OS Plus and I installed there Mavericks (I have windows in another partition), it installed properly. I forgot to remove the USB so the selection of the installler started but I choosed the partition where I have installed Mac OS it started loading and crashes, I started it with -amdfx and with -v, crashes. I was noticed that I had to remove the usb so I removed it and when I started the system it says Boot0: error. PC Specs: AMD FX 6300 8GB ram Ati HD 7770 1TB HDD I have restored the Windows boot but I will be happy if I can install Mavericks into the partition I made for it. PD: I have the same DMG installed on an Intel Core Duo and works properly (and what is more strange, without AHCI mode), just few graphic problems but it's normal in that pc. So... what can I do? I have the AHCI mode in the AMD (my windows is installed by AHCI). I am downloading Yosemite Zone, but it will take 1 day or something like that to donwload.