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  1. Stuck at PCI configuration begin

    Did you solve your problem?
  2. Screen flickering AMD one who can tell everyone the solution of this problem?
  3. Im using a HP pavilion dv6520eo and I completed the installation with the 10.10.1 yosemite zone. Just booting with a usb without any flags and it works fine for me. except the sound, can't lower the volume. But it works!
  4. Hi, I can't change the volume of the sound. If I drag it to the top or to the bottom its still the same level of sound. I can mute the sound but thats all. Could keep some help. I have a Hp pavilion dv6520eo with yosemite 10.10
  5. Screen flickering AMD

    what did you do to fix the flickering problem? had same on my and pc but was never able to fix it by my self.