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  1. USB and trackpad problem

    Hello everyone, im having weird problem, my laptop has only usb 3.0 ports and none of them works, i've tried to reinstall GenerisUSB kext but no effect, and what's weird my mouse works during installation. Im using dell e7440 (Clover) i7 4600U intel hd 4400 and alps trackpad. Are any kext's available?
  2. What's best wifi card for hackintosh?

    I'm looking for a wifi card (mpcie slot) for laptop, what's the best to use (and the easiest to install)?
  3. Intel HD 4400 and Haswell

    Hello everyone, I've installed yosemite successfully, but there's something wrong with my graphic driver. In About this Mac i see only 3mbs vram available and everything lags. I'm using niresh version with clover ( this was my tutorial -> https://youtu.be/8bgMsuZeb7k except i had to use /haswell kernel). Yes I've been using google and hackintosh search but i got some solutions related to intel hd 4000 and 4600 and those are not working. What can i do to make it fully compatible?