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  1. Seeking help.

    Hello first, this is my first build of hackintosh . Everything works , seems pretty smooth, but i have one concern about the graphics . So i've tested with geekbench my hdd hackintosh and my ssd win8 and they've got the same score. I can watch 4k on hackintosh and run 1080. But adobe illustrato rand all other Adobe products that i use seem a bit sluggish than win8 friend . Is it about the graphics ? or what should i do what should i test ? - Specs - i3 -4160 - HDD temporarly - Gigabyte GA-h81M-HD3 - 8GB of ram At about my mac it states - Integrated graphics 1526mb , should it state HD 4400 ? it means graphics are not enabled ? The tranzitions on mac seem smooth and everything. CPu speeds ? i can't check them, HWmonitor only shows HDD temp... Thank you.