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  1. Sorry for the waiting, been fixing a os problem my self. Did you disable the mentioned bios settings: - If HPET is available change it to ON & set HPET Mode as 64 Bit - Set SATA as AHCI - Enable ‘Executive Disable Bit’ (also known as XD Technology) (Disabling this may cause Hackintosh to Reboot Instantly) - Enable ‘Virtualization Technology’ (also known as VT Technology) - USB Legacy to ON (If you experience some usb related issues in verbose mode try switching to OFF) -******* If UEFI available turn it off & Enable legacy Boot ******** Save BIOS settings and restart Hibernate mode means you are using optimised uefi ----------- if this didn't work you can still boot with the usb installer (the one you used to install), use: /haswell -f or just: /haswell if you want to boot to windows you can simply “System Reserved” partition, there you can boot back in Safe Mode and fix the mbr and the boot configuration, this however, will erase the OS X installation.
  2. are you sing any bootloader (like chameleon) And which loader have you used to install mac(like multibeast, yosemite zone...)
  3. Hi! so i got every thing working except wifi connection, these are my pc specs: wifi iconshows on, but i can't find any wifi stations . please Help !
  4. yosemite on hp 630 (GM 45)

    Hi! First: Thank's for all what you have done! Update:---------------------- So i probably fixed all related problems (thanks to included /hp kernel and some kexts) my WiFi however, is still not working. every thing seems ok, but i still can't find any wifi channels (or perhaps i don't know how to) i used many IO80211Family.kext and injectors but always the same problem. Might be worth mentioning that i didn't install the auto ethernet kext from from the first installer (Yosemite zone). On the other hand, I'm using ethernet cable with no problems. ----------------------------------------------------------- I tried to install Yosemite zone version on my hp 630 specifications : And i run into a lot of troubles like , graphic glitches, kernel panics, no wireless connection. and i can't pass the boot with the cpus=1. I know it's a kext thing, so can you please tell me wich are the lext that i need to install . Thank's again Best regards.