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  1. DWA-140 rev. D1 Yosemite

    UPDATE: Got it to work. Heres the solution: The problem is it didn't install the kexts, why? I don't know but I got them to work by installing them manually. Here are the steps: 1. Uninstalled the Utility. 2. Installed the Utility. 3. Installed the kexts using Kext Wizard 4. Rebuilt permissions and kext caches. 5. Reboot 6. System preferences --> D-Link Utility 7. Connect and done. Back to top Mark Solved Quote MultiQuote
  2. DWA-140 rev. D1 Yosemite

    I have an Acer MC605 triple booted with win 8, Mavericks and Yosemite. The specs are these: intel i5 NVidia GeForce 620 1 TB hardisk(Windows) Internal extension 1 TB drive(Mac OS) I use an DWA-140 Rev D1 on it, since I can't connect it with a wire. The installer provided with DLink works on mavericks, but in Yosemite it displays an error when installing and does not work. Anybody have a solution? Cheers, Skipper