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  1. DSDT.aml GA H81M-DS2

    Version 1.0.0


    Working DSDT.aml for Gigabyte GA H81M-DS2. Sound is working with ALC887/888b Current v100202 from Multibeast Mavericks.
  2. Compatibility Question.

    I have a hackintosh with similar processor and graphics card, on Asus P5Q Pro motherboard and everything is working without any problem.
  3. Video Issue

    Hey, I had a lot of troubles with installing Niresh on my P5Q Pro board, interesting because on all other boards I tried it was the easiest way to make a hackintosh bootable. Managed a few q35, h61, z77 chipset boards working just fine with this method but no success with P5Q pro, so I tried with EasyBeast and it was it, booted, working. So try another method, There is something in this distro messing with that mob. In other hand, for other boards, I find Niresh method for the best way to install Mavericks. So my advice is to try another method. Cheers. Sorry for my English.
  4. Asus P5Q Pro AppleHDA



    Asus P5Q Pro AppleHDA working with DSDT edit layout ID.
  5. Asus P5Q Pro DSDT



    With graphics patch and layout id for Audio.
  6. Fully working Asus P5Q Pro

    Asus P5Q Pro - Mobo Q6600 - Processor nVidia GTX 550 Ti - Graphics 7 GB DDR2 800MHz - Memory WD Blue 320 GB - HDD Corsair VX450W - PSU Everything is working include sleep with custom DSDT and replaced bumpers on USB (needed for proper sleep).