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  1. Install Help!

    Hey all, I just built a new computer, I make sure everything I purchased (hardware) was on the list of compatible hardware, Asus Z97-A Motherboard, Intel Core i5-4690K Processor, 8GB Ram. I installed the Hackintosh Zone boot file to an 8GB USB drive, as directed by the guide. I had to use -x GraphicsEnabler=yes PCIRootUID=0 maxmem=4096 to get the installer to load. I am installing OSX to it's own HDD, a 3TB Seagate drive. I read that OSX can't use more than 2TB (Seems odd)? So I repartitioned to 1TB for the OS and 2 TB for storage.. Everything installed fine, it rebooted, was loading Hackintosh Zone loading screen, gets about 3/8 of the way threw loading, and locks up.. I shut the computer off, updated the BIOS to the latest Firmware, reset the BIOS settings to Optimized Defaults and set "Other OS" under Secure.. I finally was able to get it to boot into OSX! But I HAVE to use -x in order to get it to boot with out freezing.... I BELIVE it is hanging up on the Audio driver I hear static out of the speakers and it hangs. I use to be very computer savvy, but recently have gone threw stage 4 cancer/chemo and am seeming having to learn all the techie stuff over again.. I've never used OSX before, I have used Linux/BSD in the past, but again that was before cancer/chemo and I have forgotten most if not everything I use to know about it.. I soo close to get this working, but I can't just take it somewhere and pay them to get it working! So I need your help! I guess the first think I need to figure out is, why do I have to use the -x flag to get it to boot? Next what do I need to do to fix the Video/flicker issue.. Then, how to fix the Audio? After I get everything working, I'd like to know if it's possible to have a graphical boot loader that would show an apple Image for OSX and a Windows Image for Windows and you just click which one to boot.. Thanks, -TheChad