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  1. device is write locked

    System Specs cpu: AMD FX-8150 8 cores Motherboard: ASRock 960GM VGS3 FX 2 500GB sata hdds 8 GB of RAM Graphics AMD 760G "Integrated" Network Qualcom Atheros AR8151 So I get stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport while trying to boot to the installer and I ran these commands using the -s boot flag: Type: mount -uw / Type: cd /System/Library/Extensions Type : mkdir intel_back Type: mv AppleIntelHD* AppleIntelF* intel_back/ Type: touch ../ExtensionsReboot -v but I get the message "Device is write locked" I restored the image to a 500GB hard Drive using Transmac and I'm booting from it that lets me pass through "Waiting for root device" but then i get the bluetooth error From what I understand is that I have to remove all AppleIntelHD* And AppleIntelF* kexts. I browsed through the files Using Mountain Lion in VM Ware but in the yosemite-zone DMG there are no such Kexts what to do next? I appreciate the help