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  1. Exact same problem for me, but still no solution... Did you resolve it ?
  2. Ok, I solved my problem by simply using a Windows 8 computer with TransMac. It works perfectly now.
  3. boot0ss error in Yosemite 10.10.1

    I know it's a bit late but I have the exact same problem after installing Yosemite-zone on a Virtual Machine (with virtual box) on a Linux Mint computer. I've looked on Google but no answer found. I'd be really gratefull to find a solution.
  4. Hi everyone ! I wanted to test Mac OSX Yosemite on a computer (Toshiba Satellite L650D) with yosemite-zone so I followed this tutorial : But when I try to create the bootable device with Transmac on a windows 7 computer, it doesn't work. Well, it create the disk but after creating it, it doesn't recognize it as a mac partition and when I try to boot on the usb, my computer just boot on windows as if there were no bootable device on it. I've try with an other computer and it says that there is no bootable device on the usb key. I even tried to read the usb key with linux but it doesn't recognize it and when I analyze it with GParted, it says that there is no partition table on it. I also tried to make the usb device with a Mac OSX snow leopard system on a Virtualbox but it says "The installation failed" and it does't give any further explanation. Does someone know how to fix it ? Thank you for your help !