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  1. Install hanging on Dell inspiron 5521

    The problem is the flash drive: they are not so reliable for this. Make another post for the wifi card, i might help you.
  2. AMD Radeon HD 7400M

    Hi everyone! Is there any injector/kext For this graphics card that will enable full resolution or QE/CI ? Integrated graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics GPU: AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series Device ID: 0x67601002
  3. Install hanging on Dell inspiron 5521

    This problem doesn't regard your laptop, but the drive where the installer is. I had this problem too, and i solved by restoring the Niresh ISO/DMG to an external hard drive (NOT flash drive). This is because a flash drive may be very slow and give some problems. Now the install works flawlessly. Sorry for bad english! EDIT: It might hang another time between 2-3 minutes: it's normal, just wait and it will complete!