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  1. Hey Hackintoshers! I want to ask something real quick. What is a better idea/deal? Buy a 2010 MacBook White Unibody or Buy a New/Refurbished Laptop that can be Hackintoshed? Which is a better deal / choice? If it is the second one, what laptop can I get for ~300? Any questions? Ask!
  2. HackBook Help!!

    So I successfully installed Niresh 10.9 on my HP EliteBook 6930p, but there are some problems. Yes, I understand the graphics aren't fully compatible, but here's the weird thing. Someone help me with this: I get Niresh 10.9 on my laptop, no extra kexts, and the graphics are fully working, full resolution (In safe boot). I install some kexts and reboot to SBoot once again, and the GFX are fine. I reboot to normal mode, and for the first time, normal boot with no boot flags boots, but the GFX are trash. I thought "try safe boot again" and the graphics weren't good anymore! Someone please explain to me how to fix this! One more thing: When I turned it on after installing kexts, there was a ear-killing screech coming from the laptop's speakers. I soon found out this came from the microphone (after unplugging the ribbon cable). Other than that, everything works fine. I am acutally typing this post on my HackBook right now. Thanks, Axol
  3. Hi, my name is Corey. I am wondering if I can Hackintosh my PC? Specs: HP Pavilion 500-027c AMD A8 5500k AMD Radeon 7560D 1.5 TB HDD and 200GB 2.5' HDD 8 USB Ports 8GB Ram If there is anything else you need information about, let me know.