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  1. AMD FX6300 MSI 970a-g43 Shappire ATI HD5670 1gb ddr3 Frescologic PCIE USB3 card TPLINK TG3468 (RTL-8168) Pcie gigabit (internal lan broken) Sound : External BCD3000 (internal not tested) Install Method : Yosemitezone 10.10.1 
 Bios settings : 
 Turn off UEFI boot only so it can accept legacy bios / mbr boot - Windows 8 Function off - MSI Fastboot & Fastboot off - Save & Boot 
 Installation Steps: 
 1. Make bootable USB Yosemitezone 10.10.1 in mac 2. Boot > Press f11 > Select USB Drive 3. Boot flag : /amd64 -v npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=No 4. Format mac drive with GPT 5. Install with Chameleon boot loader 6. Finish install 7. Boot to new mac install with -x (safemode), it won't boot normally as it would stuck in grey screen + beachball 8. Go through initial setup, no network right now, realtek chip not detected. 9. Boot again in safemode to install FIX and Kext 
 FIX: you will need to connect your mac with another method, as the lan not detected yet, i use usb disk with HFS formatted to download everything i need from another computer. 
 10. For the grey screen + beachball fix follow this guide : http://www.insanelym...ning-beachball/ 
11. Realtek Lan : http://www.insanelym...ealtek-rtl8111/ and then use kext-dev-mode=1 or it would not work. Also use npci=0x2000 not 3000, more stable with network adapters. 12. HD5670 resolution fix : open chameleon wizard add GraphicsEnabler=No, Ati Config = Baboon, Ati Ports 3 and Graphic Mode 1920x1080x32 (Full QE/CI, Dual monitor OK) Working out of box : - USB3 (internal & external card) 1 port only , mouse, keyboard, external sound - Shutdown, restart - Appstore (minor fix) Not working: - Sleep - Icloud & Imessage (need serial number) On clover everything works except only in safe mode, when i boot normally got hanging beachball.
  2. i've succesfully installed Mavericks with some problems : 1. Cannot use second monitor on VGA port, the main monitor screen turns on but can't reach desktop, no icons or background. 2. If i opens about mac, it went to login page (same as when windows explorer crashed). 3. No sound from external soundcard (BCD3000) My setup : - DFI 965 Dark, no HPET - Core 2 Quad - 6 Gb ram - Radeon 5670, 1gb vram, resolution ok, display plug in hdmi. VGA not working. - Soundcard BCD3000 Installed Niresh 10.9 with default options. At first boot, the pc hunged, after many retries, it seems like the azalia Audio stucked, so i disabled it. and it worked. Boot without flag.