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  1. What worked for you? I had the same issue with the Yosemite install, but I rebooted to single user mode to get a shell, ran the postInstall script myself, and was able to boot to a Yosemite system.
  2. 10.10.3 Updater on AMD VM

    I'm having the same issue. The installer fails while running the postinstall script. My host machine is a desktop with an AMD FX 9590 running Linux. The virtual machine is running inside of VMware Workstation 11, guest OS is Yosemite (10.10.1) installed with the Yosemite Zone installer. The installer fails, so I ran the 10.10.3 combo updater, replaced my kernel with Tora Chi Yo's 10.10 SSEPlus Rev8 kernel, and replaced pthreads.kext. Rebooted the VM (not through the installer, though, I just restarted the VM), and got an unrecoverable "memory allocation error." Edit: Reverted to a snapshot from before I ran either of the installers. Going to try this guide and then I'll report back. If that doesn't work, I plan on trying this guide, too.