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  1. Kernel Panic Mavericks

    @ Okay. Where do I go about finding those?
  2. Kernel Panic Mavericks

    @ Tried that, still having issues.
  3. Kernel Panic Mavericks

    Seems to still lockup. Little unreadable text behind cursor.
  4. Kernel Panic Mavericks

    I will try that, Using safe mode (-x) or deleting all the kexts files seemed to help. I will reinstall those kexts and try that.
  5. Kernel Panic Mavericks

    I recently installed a Diamond Radeon HD6450 Graphics card, and whenever I login Mavericks will work for about 1-2 minutes and freeze or otherwise have this glitched graphics issue and the monitor will turn off. I can sometimes move my mouse, sometimes can't. Heres an example,
  6. Can't seem to figure it out myself.
  7. Diamond Radeon 6450 Problem

    I recently installed a new video called into my Mavericks Hackintosh. The problem is it will work for a while then "glitch". causing me to have to manually reboot. I tried a kext I found on her, disabling graphicsenabler, so forth and nothing seems to work.