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  1. I recently bought a USB 3.0 pendrive which was 16GB from SanDisk and used it to install Mavericks on a cheap Toshiba laptop (which worked perfectly), and used Win32DiskImager to put the dmg file onto it. However, after formatting the disk, I saw that my storage capacity on that USB had shortened from about 14GB (which was normal) to around 5.2GB. This USB cost me under £10 ($15.51) and I can get a new one, but I would really like it if someone knew how to get my capacity back up to what it was before. Regards, -Wulfy EDIT : When I go to my Disk Management on Windows, I can see there is 9GB unallocated but I can't merge those two partitions together. EDIT : Woops, I did some diskpart, it's OK now.