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  1. Hi, I had the same problem and it's easy to solve. 1º- Open cmd and type “diskpart”2º- Type: “list disk”3º- Select the disk: “select disk 3″ (Put the number corresponding to your pendrive)4º- Type “clean” (to erase all partition) 5º- And after all you just need to format it, the problem will be solved Now I have a question for you, it's your processor a AMD? If it's please tell how did you installed, because I'm having a lot of troubles before installation
  2. Hi! (Sorry for my bad english) I'm trying to install the mavericks niresh on my PC but I'm having a lot of troubles, it has an AMD A8-3870 processor, 4gb ram. I already tried to use "amd" "amd -v -x -f" "amd64 -v -x -f" "amd64" and it still not working, always stop in a panic screen or a black screen or the smc old mode bug. I really would love to have it working on my pc (it's a pc, not a notebook), please help me!