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  1. mobile/desktop

    plz someone give the right flag for this damn laptop lenovo b50-30
  2. lenovo b50-30

  3. Lenovo S10-3T Yosemite Zone

    what is the spec of your devices and dont hit enter press f8 and flag with -v and copy the line where the process stoped tell i can give you the right flag to coplete setup
  4. Stuck at Hackintosh Zone Logo, after installation

    plz can u tell me is this cpu suported coz its only read the disk
  5. lenovo b50-30

  6. acer iconia tab w500 on yosmitezone 10.10.1

    deactivate hept in bios
  7. mobile/desktop

    plz could any one look at this picture and tell me is this laptop suported mackintosh
  8. lenovo b50-30

  9. lenovo b50-30

  10. lenovo b50-30

    why there is no answer i just want to know what flag i need to install yosemite 10.10.1
  11. lenovo b50-30

  12. lenovo b50-30

  13. lenovo b50-30

    this is the messege in boot screen it shown my prossessor intel r vlv mobile/desktop is it means its out of box
  14. lenovo b50-30

    i have ubuntu linux 14.4 now when i run lspci in terminal vga intel valleyview gen 7
  15. lenovo b50-30

    its only intel hd graphics lenovo why when i press f8 to write aflag its not responding