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  1. Hey Guys! After mavericks installation my computer isn't recognizing ntfs formats and windows installation boot media. Let me put this in points! 1. I installed mavericks, and functioned well except for the boot0 error. 2. My network adapter was incompatible so i didn't want mac anymore. 3. I formatted my HFs+ drive and tried booting my windows using a thumb drive. 3 My BIOS detected my thumb drive but not as a bootable medium. 4 My BIOS settings are properly set to install through Thumb drives but still my BIOS doesn't detect it as a bootable one. 5.I tried wiping my entire drive using ultimatebootcd but the boot0 error was persistent. 6. This time when i repartitioned my HDD to gpt with ntfs drives in it my BIOS didn't even detect my HDD but when i load ubuntu it shows me all my HDD 7. Then i installed Ubuntu as a whole on my HDD, my HDD being in ext4 partition is detected and i can boot Ubuntu. 8. The annoying fact is that i still can't boot windows bootable media in any comp keeps saying "No boot media found please insert boot media and press a key". 9. I tried booting HIREM boot cd using a thumb drive but not even that is detected now. 10. I am in a very desperate situation now and have no idea how to get back my windows as i am a designer and badly need photoshop and windows. Some stupid things i did: 1. Installed mac on the same drive as windows the first time i installed mac. If you can help me with this issue it would be very helpful of you. If you need any further information please do ask me.