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  1. So here is a system that I built about a month ago i7 4790k @ 4.0 GHz MSI GTX 970 4GB 16 GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE DDR3 RAM ASUS MAXIMUS VII HERO So the first time I tried installing Yosemite using the Yosemite Zone installer, I got through the installation, then after installation it proceeded to the hackintosh zone logo, it loaded only a third of the way. So I went back and ran the installer again and unchecked Enable Graphic, and it everything worked out fine. Anybody know how I can fix the resolution and lag? This is my first time ever doing anything involving a dual boot so I don't know much, I am currently writing this via Yosemite... Please include as much detail as you can! ***Update*** Restarted computer now it won't boot at all, the loading bar stops halfway, I'll work on and post about this issue later on next week, but any tips or troubleshooting procedures would be much appreciated.