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  1. Lenovo S10-3T Yosemite Zone

    So. I've been researching that Yosemite distro does not support the Intel Atom processor. This appears to be why my install just hangs at the apple logo screen. I've downloaded the Mavericks zone iso but that will not load at. I've made a bootable USB but its telling me no boot file. Any idea why this particular Niresh mavericks.iso file will not boot? do I need to add another step to get this to properly boot. Thanks for all responses
  2. I'm using Yosemite-Zone to install on my Lenovo S10-3T. From my research no one mentioned anything about tweaking any bios settings nor boot flags. I get to the boot screen and press enter to install Yosemite-Zone and the screen goes to a grey screen with the apple logo and just hangs their. Can anyone please point in me the right direction in order to fix this issue.I've been watching youtube and reading docs on this and no one apparently has had this issue. I do already have Windows installed but I've created a partition that I was planning to install. Thanks for all responses.