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  1. So I have found that the powered usb hub that I had plugged in would confuse the system for unseen reasons. Based on what I have learned it may be that the usb 3.0 extensions installed with Yosemite cannot work with the powered usb hub that I had and so it failed to allow any usb to work on the board, after a while. But I really don't know about all that. I attempted the remove the kext for 3.0 in the mac os, but terminal output didn't clearly indicate that it did anything. Maybe I typed the command wrong, which I don't have in front of me now, but I got it from a post. Anyway, after I unplugged the powered hub the boot up cooperated with the usb's on board both back and in front. I boot Yosemite, plugged in the dongle, it took 20 seconds or so but up came the wireless utility. Now since I manually entered the ip (found from the router info) already at this point, the browsers connect to the Internet. It took a bunch of hair pulling but thanks to the information available on the web, this one works. If I were to start over I would not try and use the old ASUS m4n7pro motherboard which has the phenom quad core amd processor, and I would make sure not to try and use the MB Intergrated Graphics of this board. The thing is, if you do, it will try and work and drive you nuts. In fact it did completely load one or more times but the message said "Installation could not complete Undefined Error" But when I tried to boot from the install drive, with all the boot args anyway, it actually came up and ran but it looked awful because the graphics didn't get supported correctly. It wasn't until I got the geforce gt 740 graphics card installed, that I could now dual boot this old system and board. And the quad core cpu is doing a great job in the mac side, I am impressed. Basically I hope this information can help someone save a headache trying to make a Hackintosh using the distro available, by letting them know what hardware probably not to use.
  2. New development: Knocked one brick out of the Internet brick wall I ran into. The bios usb legacy setting was on auto. But it says that if set to "auto" and there is no usb plugged in at startup the bios will disable it. So I set that from auto to "Enabled" then at start up. I used the EHCIhard=Yes flag. and after up and running I plugged in the d-link dongle and it lit up and opened the utility, I found the wireless router in the list and connected to it and I saw the Internet for the first time. Stayed working for a while but the usb ports on the computer fail after a while and stop working. It used to happen to the mouse and frustrate me so I connected a ps2 mouse to be able to work. Did that after having tried that flag EHCIhard=Yes would seem to get the usb mouse to work sometimes for hours and sometimes for only a few minutes but it always stops working...the usb's that is. They just don't work consistent at this time. But if it does I can plug in the dongle and connect and get through to the Internet. Sure wish it didn't have to be so picky. I need to find the kext or flags that can force usb to stay working on this Yosemite system.
  3. I have been struggling to connect the os to the Internet but with no luck. The Ethernet is on board and is nvidia nForce networking controller. When I let the dhcp automatically go it comes up with an ip that doesn't work. Says it has assigned ip and will not connect to Internet. When I manually configure using the info from the at&t router interface info, it says connected and shows the ip I told it to use, and I get the green bubble on left where it also says connected. Safari just stops at a quarter way loading and nothing happens. Chrome just takes long and then says site unavailable. Even when I manage to get the dongle to load and connect, it shows green and says connected but still not Internet. The usb dongle is the d-link dwa-131 where I had to download a driver for mac. The thing will not load sometimes and the wireless application just blinks when I try to start it up to connect. So Great looking operating system but it won't go online. I wonder if anyone knows what causes the connections both wireless and ethernet, to show connected and green bubble but browser freeze without loading pages. So connected but no Internet. No for the apologizes: Sorry that this is soooo long a question, and sorry if I sound so new to hackintosh. I have read a lot online and did the downloading and installing and came a long way to get to the Internet brick wall. Thanks a ton