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  1. El Capitan / Windows 10 Dual Boot

    Hello, I was wondering if my computer build would be able to Dual-Boot OS X El Capitan (With Graphics Acceleration and Metal, if possible)(For most common tasks), and Windows 10 (Primarily for gaming use only). Note: I already have a 320 GB HDD 5400RPM and a Dell Monitor with VGA and DVI capability. Link: http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Pikachu1161/saved/ht9Zxr If something doesn't work, please suggest a different option. Thanks in Advance. Pikachu6111 P.S. I'm trying to keep my Budget Build under $375 USD.
  2. (Part list no longer exists.) Could a mod please delete this. I don't know how. Thanks, Pikachu6111