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  1. High Sierrato turn it off lock bios

    Thanks for responding. I have seen that the bios lock problem was originated by the SSD disc mSATA. I have changed the disc and fixed the problem. Best regards
  2. High Sierrato turn it off lock bios

    High Sierrato turn it off lock bios Hello. I could install High Sierra in an SSD without use the APFS and to turn off the computer when I come back to turn it on it stays locked the bios, I have to remove the SSD disc, turn it on and restart it with Control+alt+supr until it unlocks the bios. Then I connect again the SSD drive and turn it on already starts. You would know that may be due?
  3. Network cards

    Hello, You can indicate the PCI Express x1 network cards that would work natively with Mac Os X Yosemite are? Thank you