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  1. What the hell does this mean?!

    It's a kernal panic, Try booting with UseKernelCache=No If you still get a kernal panic boot with -v -x and post a picture of were it hangs in the boot process
  2. Can't Install OS X Mavericks

    If you are on windows you can use TransMac, If you have a mac then you can use disk utility to restore it. I'm guessing you are on windows so this video this guy made is a great tutorial on how to use TransMac. best of luck to you! Also if you want to clear your windows installation you can once you get to the osx setup in disk utility
  3. successful install with booting problem

    It seems like you don't have a boot loader installed, Try this boot loader just run the setup and select your hard drive it should install the boot loader so you don't need the live USB. If you already have a bootloader then tell us what error your getting when you try to boot from the hard drive.
  4. Enable 2GB Intel HD 3000 Graphics

    Hi, What version of osx are you running? There are kexts for this graphic driver. Also what boot flags did you use? Every time I boot after installation I get a black screen. I have the same specs as you.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a Toshiba Satelite C675 with an Aptio Bios version 2.30. It is a very slim bios with very few options. It recognized the usb with nothing installed on it. But when I load the hackintosh distro to it the bios does not detect it in the boot menu. I am really frustrated and nothing I have read has helped. If you know how to solve this It will make my day.