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  1. Hi all, I've been trying to install Mac OSX 10.10.0 on my HP Envy 17-J053EA. The specs are as follows: - nVidia GT 740M - Intel i7-4700MQ (With Intel integrated graphics) (Haswell) - 12GB DDR3 RAM - 1920x1080 Display I changed the BIOS options to disable virtualisation and secure boot, and enable legacy boot. I got it to boot into the installer (past the Apple logo) using the following flags: /haswell nv_disable=1 cpus=1 -v -x However, once I'd clicked through the language and selected my 500GB HITACHI External HDD to install OSX to, it got to "About 14 minutes remaining" I can not get anything to happen now, it says "Debugger not configured hang" (Or something similar, I had to turn off my laptop as the fan went crazy) and mentions something about the kernel. I installed the "yosemite-zone.dmg" (10.10) onto an 8GB SanDisk Facet with Transmac on Windows 10. Any help would be appreciated!