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  1. Still waiting for root device

    Thanks for your reply, i forgot to mention i changed the kernel on my USB stick so i dont need to type any flag and i tried PCIRoot=1 unfortunately it didn't work.
  2. Hello everybody so i'm trying to install yosemite zone on my rig : amd fx 6350 asrock n68 gs4 usb3 fx nvidia ge force gtx 570 So i made a bootable usb key through a virtual machine using the yosemite zone dmg file and the restore pkg. I boot on it with the following boot flags: npci=0x3000 USBBusFix=yes -v -x and i get stuck at still waiting for root device can anyone provide me help the only solution i found was the USBBusFix and it didn't work if i launch it without verbose mode the loading start with the apple logo but it stop half way and display a circle slashed (see pictures of the 2 situation) Thanks and sorry if my english is not very good .