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  1. Can I install on Macbook Pro?

    Don't have icloud password and access to the email used.
  2. Can I install on Macbook Pro?

    Can I install on Macbook Pro? Can I install any hackintosh version on macbook pro?
  3. Indian users suggest me a laptop

    Indian users suggest me a laptop Hello my fellow indian friends, can you plz suggest a laptop within rs 30000 for Yosemite How will be this||||%2Fg%2Felectronics%2Flaptop-computers%2Flaptops%2Fcatalog|6453|2||
  4. USB Doesn't Boot at All.

    I have even tried it manually selecting the USB but it boots to windows.
  5. USB Doesn't Boot at All.

    USB Doesn't Boot at All. Hello, I've Lenovo Z585, AMD Quad Core A8 Laptop with dedicated 2 GB Gfx and 4 GB Ram. I have downloaded the dmg file and restored it on my Pendrive but whenever I try to boot it, my previous os (windows 10) boots up. I've even selected USB as the first boot from the BIOS settings. Please tell me what am I doing wrong? Do I have to select UEFI in BIOS? If I select that then my laptop gets stuck to the LENOVO logo screen, if I select LEGACY then it boots.
  6. is my Lenovo Z585 is Compatible or not?

    mine doesnt boots the installation even from the usb. did ur work?
  7. Guide to Write ISO image to USB

    Can somebody give me a guide to installed Niresh - 10.9 - Mavericks ISO Version on a USB from a windows 8 system? I have Lenovo z585 with Quad Core AMD processor and 4 GB ram and 2 GB dedicated Graphics.
  8. Dual Boot on AMD with Win 8.1

    First of all I am sorry if this is the wrong section or not allowed to post. Moderators can please take down this thread or move to the appropriate section. My question is : Can we dual boot Maverick with Windows 8.1 ? I have an AMD A8 processor (Lenovo Z585) Quad Core. APU Quad Core A8 Chipset A70M Clock Speed 1.9 GHz with Turbo Core Technology Upto 2.8 GHz RAM - 4 GB Graphic Processor ATI Thames XD HD 7670 Dedicated 512 MB AMD Radeon HD 7640G Graphics Integrated 2 GB Will it work and what are the bugs after myth? Please provide me with a download link and tutorial. Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. Hackintosh Mavericks

    Can I dual boot with Windows 8.1 on AMD A8 processor?