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  1. Burn DMG -> USB on Linux i need to create usb, im in linux(Kaos Linux ) but i use DD, Kde Partition Manager -> Restore image, and other tools and i don't get booted.... only hangs on pulsating cursor ... can anyone help? thanks in adavance.
  2. LoL i cant understand when put amdfx!? .... and another is "still waiting for root devices" <- that is my drive is not recognized by setup.. butim want to install ... but no AHCI option in my mobo... how to install it .. thanks!
  3. can be installed in a Sata Disk but in "IDE" mode, i can start but "waiting for device" ... is showing..thanks
  4. im im taking note of it... whatever is the result i post here... thanks.. wow fast answer..
  5. "kernel cache"=amd arch=i386 -v Not work - the monitor go black and restart. the same code . but + busratio 17-22 Not Work My specs as follow: AMD II x2 3.4 ghz. Nvidia gt640 Asrock n68-vs3 FX 4 Gb DDR3