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  1. Burn DMG -> USB on Linux

    Burn DMG -> USB on Linux i need to create usb, im in linux(Kaos Linux ) but i use DD, Kde Partition Manager -> Restore image, and other tools and i don't get booted.... only hangs on pulsating cursor ... can anyone help? thanks in adavance.
  2. I Cant Start

    LoL i cant understand when put amdfx!? .... and another is "still waiting for root devices" <- that is my drive is not recognized by setup.. butim want to install ... but no AHCI option in my mobo... how to install it .. thanks!
  3. I Cant Start

    can be installed in a Sata Disk but in "IDE" mode, i can start but "waiting for device" ... is showing..thanks
  4. I Cant Start

    im im taking note of it... whatever is the result i post here... thanks.. wow fast answer..
  5. I Cant Start

    "kernel cache"=amd arch=i386 -v Not work - the monitor go black and restart. the same code . but + busratio 17-22 Not Work My specs as follow: AMD II x2 3.4 ghz. Nvidia gt640 Asrock n68-vs3 FX 4 Gb DDR3