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  1. Kernel Panic USBMC (non unique)

    Still dont know whats wrong, but Maverick does work, so we consider this as fixed
  2. Hello, Last night I tried to install Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my 500gb hard drive of my pc. AMD Phenom II X 6 Ati Radeon HD5770 Asus m4a78lt-m 4 gb of ram After the install (flag used kernel=amd64) I tried to reboot but I got the boot0:gpt boot0:gpt boot0:error. Found out that I could just boot from the usb where I mounted the Dmg file on. But then, when I try to boot it up (different flags tried -v kernel=amd64 (got another error kernel not found) -f -x, tried clover usb debugging all didnt do anything) After a short amount of time I get this: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique); kernel panic and he reboots. Tried unplugging al usb, except for mouse(rat7) keyboard (logitech g...) And usbstick(atom 8gb) but nothing changed. I followed the macbreaker guide (only I used the usb instead of ) And the only thing I couldnt find was HPET in bios. So my question is what to do, do I have to use special flags or something completly different. Sander Hansen Btw I saw the USBMC non unique, also in the install but it would just skip trough and go on.