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  1. VMware Yosemite 10.10 Appliance Needed Does anyone have a pre-installed and setup Vmware appliance for Yosemite 10.10? Being that I have tried and tried and tried for 2 weeks to get the miresh Yosemite 10.10 to work on Vmware, there's no point in asking me have I tried, this, that or the other?, I have tried everything apart from buying an actual Mac, Which means the ONLY way I can get to see what all this hype about the Mac, is all about, is to download a Vmware appliance and run it from VMware workstation, as I am NOT going to ruin my PC just to run a hacked Mac OS, and! looking at the BIOS settings for pre-installation of hackintosh, it looks like I have to go out and look for a PC that has exactly the BIOS settings laid out in the example images, as my BIOS doesn't have 1/2 of what's shown. Anyway, if someone has successfully created a VMware appliance, is there some way of my downloading it? Thanks.
  2. I wish that when people search for a question and find it, that the answer is not gobbledegook, quote "better to avoid fakesmc plugins while installing", yeah right, are you talking about installing via virtualbox?, if so, then explain how,,,,,quote "so reinstall and do not select any fakesmc plugins", errrrm if 'Failed to initialize smc device' is at the kernel boot, before Hiresh Mavericks installation, then tell us HOW, we can "deselect" plugins at the boot prompt.
  3. What is FakeSMC?

    No it isn't the link don't work anymore
  4. After downloading the Niresh ISO for Mavericks via the torrent file (approx 5GB), and followed *ALL* the instructions for installing it in virtualbox, I have to let people know it does NOT work under virtual box V4.3.28 r 100308 no matter what VB settings or kernel switches are used, the loading always stops with a '[Fatal] Unable to initialize FakeSMC and crashes big time. So therefore if anyone is using an AMD A6-3650 APU (quad core with inbuilt Radeon GFX) attempting to install Mavericks in a 64bit VB with a 64bit windows 7 host, will NOT work. I suggest to follow this website:- Install MAC OS X using PearPC or E-Maculation MAC Emulator and don't bother with Virtualbox or Vmware, because they have and always will be geared to emulate Linux and Windows guest OS's
  5. Copied and pasted to proper section.