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  1. Hi, i have Nresh Yosemite installed, and my PS2 keyboard (built in laptop keyboard) don't working using preinstalled fixes, so i removed all ps2 kexts, and installed some working found online. Now my keyboard is working, but i still get annoying popup "Bluetooth keyboard settings" (or something like that, i dokt know the name because i have set my system language other than english). Anyone know how to disable it please? EDIT: I found solution. in bluetooth settings > Advanced i can disable it.
  2. Clover V2.3K r3215 El Capitan Supported

    Hi. i have Yosemite from thi site, and it is working on chameleon bootloader, but in clover bootloader i have black screen. Can anyone help me? //cpuz and dxdiag reports in attachment, and my current clover config+files clover.zip i think, that i am posting to incorrect thread, but i dont have found on hackintosh.zone help thread. Sorry. :/