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  1. Can I install hackintosh in this PC?

    It may work as your specs are fairly new.
  2. (you'll need hackintosh first) Also, on my yt channel thenextgennation i provide services for this
  3. Niresh Yosemite update to 10.10.5?

    Which bootloader are you running
  4. Update Yosemite to 10.10.5 AMD

    How do I update Yosmite Zone 10.10.1 -> 10.10.5 on my i3 4150 GTX 970 it gives me an instant bootloop after seeing an apple logo for split second. i tried using the chimerea bootloader, but now I'm trying the Clover UEFI one.
  5. Niresh Yosemite update to 10.10.5?

    The apple logo appears for a split second and reboots my pc immediately