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  1. anybody here??
  2. if it didnt work, then how to uninstall it..??
  3. how to add screenshot . it is giving error 301
  4. hii, im running mavericks superbly on my pc but i have one issue that maverciks only showing two rear audio jacks on audio midi but there are three ports on which i run my 5.1 speaker with my pc on win 8. please tell me how to fix this.. im adding screenshot of audio midi. those in red are my mobo rear jacks which are only 2 showing in this and one in blue is SPDIF which is not working for me. now help me to get all 3 rear jacks of mobo up and running.. Thanks to all..
  5. Waiting for any help here...
  6. Hii, please help in this. i installed mavericks via usb drive and it is installed and running well but im not able to boot mavericks from HDD, i can only boot it via USb drive.. i have installed chameleon and clover into my mavericks drive but still no luck..