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  1. MacPwn EL Capitan

    Hello First of all thank you for your excellent work done for the community .. I have a couple of questions that arise regarding installation me .. I have an HP Z400 with nVidia Quadro 2000 graphics, 16gb ram, 500gb hard drive exclusively for OSX, I get to perform in perfectly in my original usb apple imac computer up here there is no problem with it .. bootear the legacy mode until you find the installation of OSX captain .. I detected no problems my hard disk drive, complete the installation and restart again when .. boot with the uSB drive and boot drive HDD get a kernel panic .. have no idea that it can be? I use the boot flags as in my previous yosemite with chamaleon -v GraphicsEnabler PCIRootUID = 0 = 1 = Yes nv_disable I get not reach into the completion of installation. Thank you