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    Hello guys, I need some help in patching dsdt, I am new to the world in hackintosh/apple and believe me, I go to the most difficult path (made a hackintosh in a Brazilian brand notebook) so i have no support . I tried for several months to make a hackintosh alone because I have a few friends who own Mac's and none with hackintosh to help me, and after 2 ~ 3 months and I finally get it to boot using a distro from here and I decided to ask for help here, my problem is : - Brightness adjust won't work - Battery indicator partially running (the indicator is displayed but does not detect battery) * for the indicator was at least displayed I used this kext and tried to use the rehabman to work guide. Guide how to patch dsdt for working battery status. I have attempted to make dsdt patch with maciasl : 1st attempt : Get dsdt from a notebook model wich is similar to my own - Less errors 1st image 2nd attempt : Get my own dsdt and compile (without patch) - More errors 2nd image **I have attached 2 versions of my dsdt's attempt, again 1 is to 1st attempt and 2 is to 2nd attempt My configuration: Model : CCE HT345 - Digibras US41II1 Processor : Core I3 3217U - 1.8Ghz Ram : 8GB DDR3 1333Mhz Graphics : HD Graphics 4000 Screen : 14 Inch touchpanel (yes this works in yosemite ) OSes : Triple-boot Win10 build 10532/ Elementary os 0.3/ Niresh's Yosemite 10.10.1 + Chimera Observation: This notebook model is similar to asus x551ca if this helps ...