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  1. Unknown icon in the menu bar

    That doesn´t work for that icon
  2. Unknown icon in the menu bar

    If it was so simple, I´ve already done that.. Unfortunately I can't find any settings to remove that icon! Maybe it´s in an folder? I´m new to Mac OS X... Where are the folders with drivers and programs?
  3. Unknown icon in the menu bar

    Hey Guys, Yesterday I installed Yosemite successfully on my PC. But as you can see on the attached image, there is a crappy icon in the menu bar and I don´t know how to remove it. I also don´t know to which program this icon belongs... It appeared after I´ve installed a driver for my Edimax WIFI Dongle... This driver is already removed, I think... So how can I remove this? I hope you can help me 1.tiff