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  1. Unknown icon in the menu bar

    Try command click and drag it out of the menu bar.
  2. Unknown icon in the menu bar

    It's an icon for a usb wireless adpater I believe. You can edit what icons are in the menu bar in the settings I believe.
  3. Hey guys! Hackintosh noob here so I'm a bit confuse when it comes to compatibility. I have an HP G62 435DX which I stopped using a while ago. I got a good Mac after it stopped working on me. Long story short I did some upgrades with parts I had laying around and was wondering if it was capable of running Yosemite. I heard something about 4250 being unsupported but that most have got it working one way or another. If it's not what's the most recent OS it could run? I obviously don't have much to lose as I haven't spent anything on it. Would be a cool little secondary machine. Thanks in advance for your answers! 2.4 GHz AMD Turion II PF540 8 GB DDR3 ATI Mobility Radeon 4250 WD Scorpio Black 7200 rpm 320gb