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  1. Installation booting issue Mavericks

    I have a Toshiba Satellite x200-21k ( [ it has dual 8600M gt graphics card ] I've successfully installed niresh osx mavericks and every thing was working well except WiFi. I was happy with this, and Niresh, you are awesome! Thanks bro ! But yesterday I plugged in an HDMI cable to my lap and the display went black, I was expecting to see the contents on TV, it didn't. So I removed the cable, display did not respond. Now I hold power button and shutdown. Later I turned ON, now it doesn't even boot, no Toshiba logo or boot logo, simply a BLACK DISPLAY. I've been 'googling' about the issue but found no solution.I thought of taking a video of the situation and luckily I found this video (, which best describes my issue. Please help me !!
  2. Help me with the installation I'm new :3

    Hi there , I'm new here ... and must say I feel lucky to have discovered this awesome community ! I have an old Toshiba Satellite X200 laptop [] which has these specs: processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo processor T7700 graphics: NVIDIA® SLI dual GeForce® 8600M GT Is my system compatible for Niresh OSX Mavericks ? What kexts, commands should I use ? Please help me, i'm really exited to try this out !