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  1. Hi guys, My laptop Acer V5-552G-X412, with AMD A10 CPU I've installed Niresh Maverick successfully with boot flag AMD -V, but the problem is after rebooting my laptop touch bad doesn't work or my usb mouse also the laptop keyboard sometimes tap key and space key works sometimes not!! so I can't log into the system untill now if I have a chance please explain in details because im just a beginner in mac X Thanks
  2. Acer Aspire V5-571G problem with the installer

    Yes, I can help I have aspire V5 552G its AMD but I think the bios trick are the same, maybe you need to burn your dmg file with Win32DiskImager its the best I think then set your bios like this in the "Main" menu > sata mode to AHCI f12 boot menu Enabled in the boot menu > set boot mode to legacy to get it work you have to try to put your usb stick in another port and press f12 until you see your usb and it will work "this is the trick not all usb ports are the same" I can't understand why but you have to try all your usb ports until it work. goodluck