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  1. Hi, So basically I would like to install Hackintosh Yosemite on my computer I have done everything correct and when I put in the USB Drive and try to put in a boot flag with any command containing -v it will show the text and all of a sudden it will go really fast and then turn to a black screen, and when I put any other command in that doesnt contain -v it just puts me to the yosemite zone screen and freezes. I have contacted people on this issue and I cant seem to get anywhere. Here are my Specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200 CPU @2.20 GHz Ram: 6.00 GB System Type: 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor. Below I had included images of my trouble shooting errors. I would really like to get OSX please let me know if there are any solutions to this issue thanks.