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  1. Fate sucks! Please help!

    I already have mac on virtual box but the ram it is allowed to access lowers the Visual enhancements a mac should have! anyway thanks for your time
  2. I recently downloaded the Yosemite-Zone (.dmg) as given by this site and did everything to install. I used TransMac and tried to boot it up, but my laptop won't boot from it with every BIOS settings tweaked to boot from a USB Pen. However, I could Install Yosemite on my other pc but couldn't boot due to many error messages.(DSMOS Has arrive and many more, differing on the bootflags i had inserted)THinking that my PC was not good enough for a Yose, I downloaded Mountain Lion (Niresh OSX-10.8.5.iso) and hoped for everything to work but you know, fate my laptop told that "Any Operating System was not found in the device. Try booting after removing all the devices without an Operating System) . Yet again, the installer was recognized by my other pc, but I couldn't install due to Kernel panics (System uptime in nanoseconds xxxxxxxxxxx) I tried all possible bootflags. things didn't work out.! Any help would be appreciated.. btw, I installed Win10 on both of my system via a pendrive itself. so Specs: Laptop Lenovo Flex 2(14) Intel i5, nvidia 820M (Ik that this won't work with hackintoshes, but i don't care), 4GB ddr3 RAM PC Lenovo AllInOne Intel i3, 3GB ddr3 (ML required specs of 1+GB RAM )