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  1. I have a ASUS(X550LD) PC with Intel core i5-4200U, 1.6GHz, 12GB ram, 2GB Nvidia gforce 820M, Motherboard manufacturer ASUSTeK computer inc(Model X550LD), Chipset: Intel Haswell-ULT. After installing Yosemite from USB of clover boot manager, the mac screen to make account doesn't show up...It always take me back to Clover boot manager... I have used several kernel flags, did everything i got from internet... What should I do? Did I miss any kernel flags? or is their any problem with my motherboard or processor? And Why I cannot download Yosemite 10.10.1 dmg file from HACKINTOSH website?...the torrent file is not I had to download from other website... It will be a great help if someone gives me the solutions...thank you...
  2. Not able to Boot after Installation [ASUS-X550LD]

    What was your process to boot mac os x yosemite...i trying for several days...but i'm stuck...after installation it takes back to Clover boot manager...everytime same thing...what i'm missing...