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  1. hi everyone i'm new here to hackintosh forum this are all my specification can everyone recommend to me to install osx maverick and all driver are all support or not. i want to dual boot with window 7 that my laptop has it already . the most problem that i worry is my laptop support all driver on osx or not? because my laptop on window 7 has known all driver here is link to dropbox that my specification
  2. i want to install osx lion 10.7.3 on my pc lenovo desktop is my configuration support for my pc??????????????
  3. desktop lenovo

    my pc use window 8 so when use systeminfo it not support so i don't know how to do it so i have follow instruction of installation but my desktop not boot can u help me please 10.8.2 i have 2 usb 1 is boot chemlon and another one is restore disk image for mac osx 10.8.2 but it not work
  4. desktop lenovo

    so i need to check driver to support so when it support can u tell me toritorial how to install mac osx 10.8.2 to install and i want to boot it from usb can u help me ?
  5. desktop lenovo

    hi everyone i'm new member i'm so excite to join this forum i have a problem about osx 10.8.2 i want to install it to my desktop lenovo core 2 duo ram 2 GB vga intel HD graphic can u recommend me for install it ? did my desktop support this version? and what about driver? i don't know how to find driver for my desktop? help me please