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  1. MSI GS70 - Unable to boot install

    Works with Clover and PM Patch. Are there any equivalent for Chameleon?
  2. MSI GS70 - Unable to boot install

    If you could just give more useful hints that would help. It doesn't look to be a kernel panic as it reboot instantly. I tried the version 10.10 instead of 10.10.1 because it has UEFI USB Boot Support and I could easily reach the installation without any flags. However, i am unable to boot the installation. Instant reboot just like on the USB 10.10.1.
  3. Hi, I have an MSI GS70 Stealth Pro. I did manage to install Mavericks previously, however, I am unable to boot Yosemite.Zone 10.10.1 installation. Tried the following : -v -v -f -v -x -f -v -f cpus=1 -v -f cpus=1 busratio=24 -v -f /haswell -v -f cpus=1 busratio=24 /haswell But all I see is Chameleon loading some kexts and then it reboots. What's wrong? Specs : Intel Core i7-4710HQ 16 GB Ram 2xSSD 128GB (usually in RAID but I tried setting AHCI too) 1TB HDD (I have a Mac partition there where I want to install Yosemite. Windows is on the SSD.) Intel HD 4600 NVidi GTX 870M Thanks