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  1. ATI Mobility radeon 4670

    Hello Everyone, Credits-Niresh for Yosemite Credits-Nanerasingh for his support without whom i was wandering in a no mans land All the required files are in the below link This is how i have successfully installed the Yosemite on Dell XPS 1645 running Ati HD 4670Mobility. Step1:Format the HDD with GUID partiion scheme with Apple File System(Mac OS Journaled). Step2: Install the Yosemite.DMG to pendrive using Transmac. Step3 : Install the Yosemite with customization-Without BootLoader(Unchecked Chameleon which is by default Selected). Step4 : Prepare a Clover USB bootloader using BDUtility(Boot Disk Utility) on a windows machine Changes to be done to Clover USB created using Boot Disk Utility are here below. Navigate to EFI/CLOVER and changed the config.plist to the one attached below(Credits nanerasingh). Navigate to /EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI/re VBoxHfs-64.efi and add HFSPlus.efi(download from the below link) Step5: Boot from the CloverUSB now(It might take sometime to load but once loaded you will see the full HD with qe/ci) Step6 : Complete the account creation and let the system install the updates/drivers from Hackintosh zone. Step 7: Download the latest version of clover and install Select install boot0af in MBR(Second option in bootloader section) Select install clover efi-Select the one which says 64bit(its default selected if not then it could be the second one in the list) Makesure the install location is the OS partition where Yosemite is installed Step 8: Navigate to /Volumes/EFI/EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.10/ and add FakeSMC.kext (Find it in System/Library/Extension) Step 9: Copy the contents of EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI(Clover USB) to EFI/CLOVER/drivers64UEFI(Harddrive) Step 10: Reboot and Enjoy @nanerasingh i am not having any problem with Capslock freeze, You may try this Disclaimer : I am no expert of this topic, This is all the guidance that i recieved from nanerasingh. and I am not responsible for any damage to data or the machine. Thanks once again @nanerasingh Thanks and Regards, 1 Second Life Clover Config studio xps
  2. ATI Mobility radeon 4670

    Thank you! will follow your instruction and will keep you posted on progress
  3. ATI Mobility radeon 4670

    Hi nanerasingh/deepak, I am a noob in this field, please help me out with a guide to insall Mavericks on my XPS 1645. Regards. 1Secondlife
  4. ATI Mobility radeon 4670

    Hi nanerasingh, I am new to Hackintosh, I am using exactly the same config system as you are, If you send me all the kext files that you are using for your laptop, That would be really helpful My email Please send all of required kexts not just the graphics. Thanking you in advance!!!!