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  1. Sierra Update Broke my Hackintosh

    I don't know if this would help but I was in similar situation, I was on 10.12.3. and updated to 10.12.4. then my Hackintosh wouldn't load after loading screen reached half way, (it'd restart/black screen/monitor off) as I had USB stick already loaded with clover installation. I read on forums to edit config.plist located in clover partition on usb stick with this code (which I did on windows using notepad) <key>KernelToPatch</key> <array> <dict> <key>Comment</key> <string>Kext Injection allowed</string> <key>MatchOS</key> <string>10.12.4</string> <key>Find</key> <data>6CUAAADrBeieBQAA</data> <key>Replace</key> <data>6CUAAACQkOieBQAA</data> </dict> </array> <dict> then used that config to boot into Sierra installation on hard disk and it booted.
  2. Volume stuck on max z170x gaming 7 Hi. I successfully installed Hackintosh Sierra zone on my machine wit following config Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7 Mobo G.Skill Tridentz 16GB DDR4 3200mhz Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Extreme 160GB HDD (Hackintosh) 1TB SSD (Win7) 27inch 144hz Asus Monitor 1080p I have updated to 10.12.4. I am using clover boot loader, everything works only problem is volume is stuck on MAX / no headphone vol, slider has no effect on vol control, but works in video playbacks, I installed 100/200 and voodoohda through multibeast. Does anyone have volume control working on this motherboard? thanks in advance
  3. BootDiskUtility v2.1.2015

    how to make bootable yosemite zone with this ? i have yosemite zone ISO, can i just delete all the files in 2nd partition of USB which is made using 3.hfs and paste all the files in yosemite zone ISO? will that boot? Update: YES IT is booting and installing! what a great tool it saved me from downloading yosemite.dmg file!
  4. Graphics

    although i dont have ur answer. you should include ur graphics card information ATI or Nvidia or Intol?