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    I love solving computer problems especially regarding hardware. I'm an avid gamer and I also hope to become a film producer after college.
  1. After a successful install of Niresh 10.8.5 distro for my AMD Fx 4100, I went to boot up. However, my pc just hung, so I tried to reboot windows. Nothing. I eventually found out that the issue was in fact the HDD that I had just installed mac osx onto. So I hooked it back up and formatted it. I then went for a second install, but the exact same thing happened. The weird thing is, is that I could in fact boot from an external HDD that had mac os x on it. I could boot it just fine, but the second I hooked it back into my rig, nothing would boot. Disc drives, thumb drives, hard drives, all of it. When I removed the HDD with mac it worked fine. Like I said, I could even put it into an external drive enclosure and it would work. It just won't boot from sata data and power cables. Any ideas? I tried it on more than one drive, so i'm not sure. I also had my other drives with my windows OS still plugged in. Could that be an issue? Thanks in advance. - Nick.
  2. Hello all! I haven't tried install graphics kexts for my graphics card yet, but I was just curious if anyone has had success with graphics kexts on this card yet. I plan to do a lot of video editing and potentially 3d work, so it's kind of crucial that I have it. Thanks in advance.-Nick.
  3. Problem With Booting

    When you boot the installer, try this command, "npci=0x3000" (without quotes). That should help.