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  1. "Install Failed" (AMD FX-6300)

    i've install on AMD,,older than yours, advice, don't boot with graphicesEnabler=Yes,,but, " GraphicesEnabler=No -v ",,i've had some issues at the start, but, after some time, i did really install succefully mavericks on my AMD,,sad thing is that i can't enable my ATI HD 6130,, and that is the worst,, got sound, wifi, CPU, DVDDrive,
  2. Installation got stuck after Apple logo

    i got toshiba laptop AMD D660 4Gb Ram ATI Radeon HD 6130( i think not completly shure),,i didn't had to setup nothing on Bios,, at least for me, i didn't change original setup,, i got mavericks boot without no issues, but i didn' boot with GraphicesEnabler=Yes,,but exacly the oposite, GraphicesEnabler=No and -v ,,and on Intel machine (not laptop ) i used only -v,, and mavericks boot,,,
  3. Installation got stuck after Apple logo

    and try to take of half of your Ram,, make install only with 4 Gb of ram, sometimes that causes issues,,
  4. Installation got stuck after Apple logo

    why did you boot with " GraphicsEnabler=Yes " ?? try to type -v or graphics enabler=No,,on my Toshiba satelite AMD C660 D i've done successful instal, only grafics doesn't work,, type " -v " or " GraphicsEnabler=No -v " , if you have done your usb correctly he should boot without issues, you should check as well your bios,,and setup correctly. hope you get it done, waiting for feedback. peace
  5. Installer issue

    <hy, to get mavericks you have to be on AHCI other way, i don't think you can do anything,,maybe you get lion or leopard, as someone sad before,,
  6. i've done almost 20 install of Mavericks 10.9 Nerish on Toshiba AMD C660D/ 4 Gb Ram/ with Radeon Grafics HD6310 (1Gb), and i get successful instalation, however, never couldn't get grafics working, " about this mac" tell me i got 3Mb on graphics card,,,the sound works at the start, no wifi, but with quick solution, all the rest works fine,, in fact i've try also 10.7 and 10.8, and install give the same issues, i don't really now how to solve this,,i start think this card is not compatible with mac, ,,but that's just what i think.peace.