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  1. Help with yomemite...

    Tnx sandeepmghatge123 For your reply.. already done..nothing..i must set bios on internal card.. turn on monitor the second one .. start yosemite.. and after loaded yosemite magically first mon. Connected to nvidia on pci express start up... if i leave bios on pci ex...nothing mac start but nothin appear..
  2. Help with yomemite...

    Hi to all...someone can help me on.. how to set my yosemite (already installed) works with gt 63 T0?... works only if i set in bios igfx.. internal video card. IF i set pci express for nvidia .. nothing! I tried ...-x -v graphicsenabler nothing i don't want use two monitor... My specs : gigabyte h87 hd3.. 16 gb ram.. nvidia gt 630 Tnx in advance. SCUBAPRO